Member In A Gang

You better run, better hide, white spotlight in the schoolyard
They wanna know who's gonna fall and their spines are chilling
We're gonna win, they're gonna die, watch the knives and bullets fly
Don't know when it will end, I'm just a member in a gang

It don't mean that you're clean, because you ain't killed nobody
Because you know every ruthless scumbag, and that's no lie
But when it's time to get in line, your fear starts to show
But it's your obligation to the devil, because you're a member in a gang
Yes I am

Another night in the slam, say you're bought and paid for
I wanna know who's on my side when the chips are down
Was backstabbed, shot him dead, there's no end to the grief
So tell me, are you the devil, or just a member in a gang?

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