Walking To Nowhere

All hatred tortuous path before you, unbroken feeling
Others came before you they had the same, that feeling of frustration

In your brain
But nothing changes again
Why all ways the same insane

When you are alone
Into the dark
When no one can help you to find
The shining light
At the evil gates
Oh! please get me outta here

Can't break the chains that don't allow you to run away of this nightmare
Convicted lifetime forced to believe that there's no hope cunt

You think that
I'm the only one
In the end
I'll see your tragic end

Evil can find
While you're alone
Pain in your being but not yet
Your inner light is stronger
believe in yourself
Only this can stop the hurt
Nothing is so strong
To bring you down when
You let your fears aside and sight ahead
Then you can see
Your light is all you need to kill the beast

Come on I will not fail
you don't scare me

And at the end
The sun will rise
When all is over don't
Look back again
Take care
Anxiety lurks without rest
Seeking for empty souls of weaker people
Without ambition inside in their hearts
Empty bodies
Dead in life
"Walking to Nowhere Again"

Ekleyen: FiKRetH
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