The Before And After

Late to bed early to rise,
Hit the top of the clock open blinds to see the sunshine.
Press play another active day in the city
Where the aroma overall can linger far from pretty.
Hundreds of thousands ride the subway
Uptown to downtown, Staten I to BK.
Taxi cabs drivin’ speed, swerve, jerk,
Pedestrians work to dodge so they don’t get hurt.
Cops walk the beat with no real urgency,
FD responds to regular emergencies.
Business man a flew out of JFK
But he’ll fly back tomorrow for his son's birthday.
And you could see the statue clear from the pier.
Buy a paper from the newsstand that stood here for years.
You in a hurry, just a rush to find time
It’s the hussle and bussle metropolis type of grind.


Many got no sleep last night was restless
Some tossed and turned inside their minds with questions.
Like where was God terror struck our town?
He’s at where you left him before the buildings came down.
Topsy turvey the comfortable distorted
Fear grew greater when breaking news was reported.
Look to narrow in on this widespread panic
And call back the safety that we might have taken forgranite.
Real secureness only lies in one place
Lives find refuge in the midst of the grace.
We wave flags speak patriotic slang,
But God will bless America when God is God again.
Taking, doubt, paranoia, and all uncertainty
For a portion of the comfort everlasting surety.
Attendance grew in the pews from that day.
Many sought and found trouble don’t last always.

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