The thouht of you has plagued my years
I see you now
Crawling all over me
Symptom of my darkest fears
With me now
Living inside of me
In the night
As you sleep
The web begins to form
Across your face to suffocate
And kill before the dawn
Strangely drawn towards her lair
Certain death ,
She wants to be part of you
Lie in wait my choice of mate
I can't resist she
Bites and devours you
Lift your body
>From the ground
Strech octapoidal limbs
Leave the web
Without a sound
The fantasy begins
Come into the parlour said the spider
To the fly
Not really knowing that the end is
Drawing nigh
Making love in ecstacy,the venom she injects
Death is swift,limbs entwined amid
Arachnid sex
The scent you spread i know so well
Could leave me dead
Hopelessly mesmerised
Your bite will mean the end to me
Can you see i'm
Helplessly hypnotised
Panic stricken
Cocooned within the web
Release me from this living nightmare
If i stalk you must
Forgive me
For this dance is my

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