In Da Ghetto

[Verse 1]
Everything that I wanted to do
Seems like it was hard to do
But my daddy told me son just believe
And the things will come to you
And if it's in God's plan
It's gonna happen anyway
All you got to do
Is be patient and receit it one day
Never thought my life would be no good
My dady left me so alone I stood
Your baby boy is coming up in the hood
And that's the way it goes in the ghetto
[Verse 2]
So now I done came on up
To a bigger step in my life
Yeah baby boy got a boy of his own
And some day might have a wife
Cuz the ghetto's been good to me
And Lord knows it was hard
I stood still until my chance came
And kept my faith in God
I never thought i'd make it
To a major point in my life
Cuz every time I turn around
I see that devil in my sight
Just me and my brother gotta take care of mama
And that's the way it goes in the ghetto
[Repeat Chorus]

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