Drag Em 'N' Tha River

You fake cheerleadin' bitch! You want a nigga like me to beware, ha?
I'ma show you some spokes right now, you bitch you

Take them braids out his head Yella

[Chorus-Yella & Tec-9]

I'ma drag him from tha river dump his body in Chucks yard
Leavin' a note around his neck readin' BAD ASS YELLA BOY
Oooooh he wants some? Ain't that cold?
See I'm from the 3 and I don't give a fuck
And I know you thought I wouldn't be back but you can't keep me down
Don't forget about the U and the Cash Money Clowns

[1st Verse-Yella]
I'm from the 3 and I don't give a fuck, for the record
Once again it's the yella with the chucks
I'm back up on the scene with the 2 like a Viper
Get in so much war I think I straighter than a sniper
Mystikal you bitch, are you ready for the drama?
Told your hoe ass people hoe don't run I'll kill Mama
If I catch ya wit your draws down I'ma do ya
Once upon a time I up the roof and gimme the cruiser

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