I got a little friend named Pisty she's a dandy
She doesn't care for movies or for candy
She doesn't care for TV or for frogs the reason that she doesn't she's a dog
You'd like Pisty she's a friend of mine
Pisty is a good dog and she guards me all the time
She's about that tall and about that long and she loves to hear me sing her in a song

Now Pisty keeps the bad guys on the run
She guards me from the milkman when he comes
She guards me from the mailmain when he rings
And she doesn't like the man who fixes things
And you'd like Pisty...
[ guitar ]
Now your dog can have a song about it too
And I bet it's name would fit right in this tune
So I'll leave my dog out next time we start
And you can put your dog right in that part
And you'd like...

Ekleyen: Polat Alemdar
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