God Came Through Bellville Georgia

I'll tell you all the story that I think you'll understand
Travelin' through Georgia ramblin' cross the land
I passed the Bellville depot and something said to me
Stop here son there's something you should see
I stopped awhile and rested on the depot steps
The tall pines waved and in the breeze the air was clear and fresh
That Georgia winter sunshine was a warming up my back
And I saw a train coming down the track
God came through Bellville Georgia he was ridin' on the noonday train
All power to him and praise his holy name
He never got off of the train he never got off of the train

I've never had a day like that since I have been alive
My body full of feeling there was vision in my eyes
I've traveled this world over just to meet that certain train
And I know my life will never be the same
Well I don't know where he's going but I know he likes to ride
Across the hills and valleys thru the prairies thru the skies
And I know the time is coming if the world don't ever change
Everybody's gotta meet that train
God came through Bellville...
He never does he never got off of the train he never got off of that train

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