Fox Hollow's Animal Train

When we took off, we almost had a critter of each kind
We had a duckbill platypus and we had big ole lion
We had a horse with two front teeth and a monkey on a chain
Ridin' on Fox Hollow's Animal Train

Well the skunk got off in Skenectady, we's glad to see him go
The duck got off in Kentucky and the bear got off in Buffalo
The horse got off in Austin, the mink got off in Maine
Ridin' on Fox Hollow's Animal Train

Well the cat jumped on the kangaroo and the elephant fell down
The monkey blew the whistle every time we passed a town
The lion fell asleep and left his tail out in the rain
A-ridin' on Fox Hollow's Animal Train

The beaver lost his toothbrush and the zebra lost his shirt
The possum played the banjo and the pig played in the dirt
We got off in Nashville just to play this little song
Fox Hollow's Animal Train keeps movin' on

And now the possum will play the banjo

If you hear this train a-comin', you just listen for this sound
That means that we're in town
Get on board and we'll all laugh and play some silly games
Ridin' on Fox Hollow's Animal Train

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