Uncivilized Bastards

I paid my dues, the checks in the mail
When I walk downtown, everything's so stale
I've got a job, yet you tream me like a bum
Everywhere I go, I'm a walking disaster

I'm bulletproof...your words, they don't go though
Whatcha gonna do...when I turn around & spit on you
Spit on you like some uncivilized bastard

We are uncivilized bastards!
We are the uncivilized bastards

They call us scum, but they are the ones to blame
To certain cops we're not treated the same
When I walk by cops, I watch my back
Cause they can't be trusted, no not by me.

I'm bulletproof...your badge don't mean shit
Whatcha gonna do...when I totally disregard you
& flip you off like an uncivilized bastard

Stand up & have a say
We won't be treated this way
Our voice is getting stronger
& the nights get longer
Fucked up when sirens pass
You say we've got no class
Monday morning we'll start all over
While Friday night we're uncivilized bastards
We are...

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