Dreams so strange - Keep calling me
I'm lost insider their web
Weird visions burn - Keep torturing me
I'm forced to cross the line

Dark angels long for this crumbling mind
To dust my effigy will fall
Through burning skin cut blades of pain
Dismembered - Still alive

In agony this soul's inflamed
The path of light through darkest pains:
:of death

Born again
I'm born again

A pall-like dark embraces me
My soul is torn apart

A new name I've dreamed for you
For that the change will be completed
So witness your transformation
And learn to see the otherworlds
The bones are gathered now again
It's time for waking up!

Streams of blood revive torn flesh
This mind's shot through with light (with life)
The first in line - The ones who passed
And now I'm coming back

Ekleyen: Polat Alemdar
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