Summoning The Sinister

Penetrate the shell of broken thoughts
Envenomed through a thousand years
Terror, plagues and anguish
Flames, ashes and blood

Glory; The Armageddon of emotions
Shine on, through the blackest of souls
I am the one to bring you pain
The circles of death rise through me

I sow the seeds of mightmares
Through me thy have been created
I spit the burning flames of hatred
Powers inhuman, powers unknown

I'm rising from the underground
The inquisitor of desperation
Desolate souls in limbo;
I am the conquistador of tragedy

Sorrow divine, enshrined by putrid hate
Desolate; Leaders of the ancient times
Spoken words will never be the same again

Yet again I rise, I rise from my liar
Revealing visions of the final days
Ways of eternal darkness awaits
Feel the coming of your death

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