There's a film at the cinema
And people go in pairs
They show it at night
And some people get scared
And once you're inside
They lock all the doors
And the seats are all empty
And there's blood on the floor

It's a Zyklon B-Movie
Straight out of the past
It's a Zyklon B-Movie
And it could be your last

And there's a nine-year old girl
Who came for a scream
She's screaming all night
And it isn't a dream
This is just the support film
To get you warmed up
But it's quite the reverse
Because it freezes your blood


And the gas rises up
From under the chairs
This film is so lifelike
It feels like you're there
It's a Zyklon B-Movie
Certificate X
If this was the fi
Then what could come next?
It's a Zyklon B-Movie
Certificate Z
The Z is for Zyklon
And the people are dead dead dead dead dead

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