One Eyed Soul

I'm the soul to keep you clean
The cloth to cover your eyes
Tear a hole to peep within
Forgotten scenes of your past godforsaken life

Why are you staring at me so displeased
Looking like Judas crucified
All those years have gone to waste
Locked in a box of your fuck self-cheating alibis

Oh the pain you endure
And the pleasure for cure
All messed up in your head
You know I really shouldn't care
To be unceasingly aware
When all you need is
A voice to justify yourself

I'm the soul that used to howl
Whenever you didn't give a damn
Now only whispers out your ears
Helplessly: "Please, save a hopeless man!"

Let me crawl inside
Your head and I'll be blind
Pretending not to sense
The damage you've done to yourself

Yeah, there ain't noone watching you but me
'Cos I am your one, I am your one-eyed soul

Let me hide beneath
Your skin and I'll be pleased
To run with the flood
Even if I drown in your blood

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