Three Year Bitch

On the night of my attempted suicide, you went out dancing underneath those neon lights on 109. What was I to do when all my trust was placed in you? YOU led me down to an open road, and then you left me all alone to die. Then there were times you tried to put me in my place. I don't know if I wanted to kiss you, or spit right in your face. You could've shown some heart. You couldn't wet an eye. You didn't give a fuck, if I'd live or die. I fought the sleep, and I stopped the blood, but I just couldn't choke back the tears. I looked to you, you screamed out loud, and left me standing here..... Before you burn the bridge down, there's one thing that I'd like to know. Did it have to take you three long mother fucking years just to let me go? I once believed in forever. I'd seen it in your eyes. But you abandoned me to false hopes and unsevered ties. Now I'm left with nightmares, and no reason why it had to take you three years just to say good-bye? I hope I never have to see your face again I don't know what I'd do. What I don't know won't hurt me, what I find out just might kill you. I'd like to know the answer to this question before I fall apart. Did it have to take you three years just to break my heart?

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