Ashes, Ashes

Waiting for the fall. Hours slip on by, and the curtain has it's call. The audience never came, but the fat woman went home. The box-office has tallied up all the receipts and we're a hundred years in the red. I've heard their aspirations in the eyes. I've felt the lust, I've seen them rise, I've seen them fall, I've seen them turn to dust. But I've been waiting for so long for a shining star to fall. But I'm just waiting… patiently. I'm just waiting patiently for a friend and for the end. I'd like to get out of here before the dawn, before the sun. Can't I hop a bus. Or catch a train or hitch a ride with someone? Let me go, please let me go, I've seen enough And I just wanna… wait for the fall. Waiting for those ashes to fall into their own collective places. Waiting for those ashes to fall, and to form their own collective faces

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