The Way That I Feel (From What About Me Single)

Sitting on a train bound for nowhere,
just trying to survive.
Thinkin bout the love I hold inside me
is keeping me alive.
Wishing I could change it all,
praying but I can't go back in time.
Knowing no matter what I say or what I do
will ever change your mind.

But I'm,
Looking forward,
now I'm tryin to find my way.
Looking back,
and I see only yesterday.
Time is my friend,
and this I know is real:
Can't help singin about the way that I feel.

Laying on a deck-chair in the sun,
just tryin to catch some rays
Thinkin bout this thing that they call love,
to me its just a maze
Is that in the trees, a breeze
or do you see it in a new-borns eyes?
Or is it when you find the one that's made for you,
there'll never be no goodbyes?

Yeah, well I'm

And I know that you love me, yeah
One thing I know was true
In the end you just could see
What was meant for me

I listen to the whisper of the wind,
and I recognise the sound
I'm looking down, deep down deep inside my heart,
and I see I'm glory bound

Oh yeah,
Oh yeah,

The way that I feel, oh yeah (x2)

Can't help singin about the way that I feel!!!

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