Don't Keep Me Hanging

I can't stand this game
Tell me now what's going on
I thought you would feel the same
Was it something I did wrong?
Don't play silly games y'can't win or lose
Something's gotta move
I can't stand my restless questioning
So tell me where we stand

I never was afraid to fall
Don't keep me hanging on
You see I've really got to know right now

Don't keep me hanging 'n' waiting
It's tearing me apart
Tell me what's inside my heart
Don't keep me bleeding, dreaming
Lay it on the line
Tell me what is on your mind
Just let me inside

Open up let me see
Otherwise I'll lose my mind
Indecision's killing me
Don't wanna waste more time
Let's straighten out what needs to change
No matter what it takes
In your sweet hands lies our destiny
Oh babe you're all I need

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