Everything Is Nothing

Everything is nothing to me, I couldn't care less.
A stern cold man is what I am, hard, relentless
and though I might have strayed the path I wouldn't change a thing.
I've hated life to the fullest yet with longing deep within.

For my name is sorrow and I'm a friend of misery.
Deprived myself of love for eternal agony
and I don't even dare to try - I know I can only lose.
Between this life I live and nothing I have to choose.

Take me home
to the one I belong

I'll see you all go down and witness your demise.
I'll be the last to close, the last to close my eyes.
and forgive me nothing for I truly meant it all.
What I've said, what I've done.

Kiitos (=thank you in finnish)

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