Desert By Night

Yes, I am here
Here at the landscape of my dreams
And what's this perfection?
I feel immortality next to me

I have lived my life in your arms, mother
Now Im back to show my gratitude
Take my life, I know that Im worth of you
And I'll live again and I will live through the Elk!

Now speak, Serpent, with my tongue
-tell them what you think
-infiltrate the venom in their veins
Brother Wolf, take my mind, use my hands for thee
And lead the way to Hall-up-high
- take their lives

Take back what is yours!
Ive set this sacrifice

(and now we dance
Here in this circle of flames
We praise Your Might
We praise Your power to liveyeah)

Fresh as the North Wind
You blow right to my heart
Warm as the South Breeze
My blood now covers the sand (and on we die!)

We have lived our lives in your arms, mother
Now were back show our gratitude
Take our lives, if you think were worth of you
And we will live again among the sheep
As the Wolves!

Now speak, Hedgehog, with my tongue
-tell them what you want
And take revenge for a million lives

Sister Swan, spread thy wings, your enemies are mine
And let live those who are worth of you
-taste our minds
-taste our minds
-taste our minds
-taste our minds

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