chekin fi yuh body (gyal ya full a strike)
checkin fi yuh stray (a that we like)
everytime mi walk pon di road all di man dem a seh you got the eye GYYYYYYYYYAL! Very Happy

so definetly sure
woman i got to sekkle (settle) the score
got to giv you lovin hardcore
from the bed to the floor
that's how we di bwoy weh assure
di dutty got the lovin endure

so definetly sure
gyal you betta watch a likkle more
i'ma give you lovin hardcore
pon di bed pon di floor
that's how weh di bwoy weh a snore
if a stamina we hav it in store

so many woman inna di place place look so fancy
up fi chancy
hold a gyal an romancy
like a vigilant him all a a raff instantly
tell her she feel like a trump
tell her fi shake up di bamsy
put her in a trance and mek she grind and balance it
shape look good inna di (censored:G string panty)
shake it up an mek sure seh di Don see
wine your body like Beyonce


my lyrics aint no bag a talk
gyal yuh kno i'm good for it
see suh that yuh lookin hot
whole heap a sex appeal in it
so whats the deal in it
i kno thats what you really waan
gurl becau mi see seh yuh got me feelin it
you got a natural body an yuh no fake it fake it
di dutty try to r? it waan take it take it
bless it up cau we rate it rate it
there aint no mistake in it

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