Far Away From The Sun

I travel as I sleep, funeral silence is cast over me.
As I sleep I feel the night embrace me
and I float under a black sky without stars.
I have seen the eternity,
I have seen the eons rise in my dreams.
Light of heaven is fading away, as I fly away from the sun.

I feel the ocean of chaos surrounding my soul
and I hear a voice speak softly: - Reach for thy goal!
Once again I feel the ocean of chaos penetrate my soul.

I entered a mystical grey dreamviod which I had no access to.
The atmosphere were dim and cold, harmonic with it's purple.
I flew through a stunning beautiful landscape of frozen forests.
A building began to rise far in the distant,
where the sky meets the sea.

In the faint horizon
a castle began to take form
surrounded by icemountains.
The castle of myself.
As I drifted closer I knew I was there,
in my divine dimension
that my visions had shown me for years.

This time my journey was forever,
I knew there was no turning back.
I had found the castle of myself
and I fell asleep far away from the sun.

(To be continued...)

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