La Rhumba

[Intro - Ndira]

Here we are..
Bobby, I was just wondering, you know

About me and you, tonight
If we could go to a little Rhumba

Dance, you just think about it and let me know

[Chorus - Ndira]
Esta bueno, porque esta es La Rhumba

Ven baila, conmigo en esta Rhumba

Esta bueno, porque esta es La Rhumba
Ven baila, conmigo en esta Rhumba


Rhumba? What's Rhumba?

I'm sayin though, what?

I'm sayin..

Yo, what up Butter Pec'? Girl, you got me shy to speak

You the same dime piece that I saw last week

On the dancefloor, yo, the way you bligh

Make a club of thugs do the Electric Slide
Pretty in pink, come here, let me buy you a drink

Armaretta sour orders put us both in sync'

My name is Bobby and I don't usually dance that much

I play the wall, but girl, you got that magic touch

That lured me in like a fly into the spider's web

Not these everyday hoes sweatin ghetto celebs

Powerule, I heard you got the good Power-U

Let's slip to my crib for an hour or two

[Chorus 2X]

[Method Man]

Hey, hey, hey..

Uh, uh, uh, uh..

Eh eh eh eh eh..

Hey Butter Pecan what's that lingo you speakin?

It sound like, let's me and you slide for the weekend (True)

I got drinks and tasty treats to sink your teeth in

Your popi two-way beefin, let him know that you cheatin

Runnin 'round indecent exposed without no clothes

There it go (*plug*), Moby Dick and there she blows
You got me covered, girl, and it shows and I suppose

We can play doctor soon as I drop out ya bows

[Killa Sin]

I don't wanna dance baby girl, it's like my legs is on strike

Boogie that ass to the bar, snatch a Remi, no ice

I'm in the corner, we can vibe all night

Polite, I need a bag of that grass

To blast me out of sight like a satellite

Bigga what up? Yo, long time, good to see you

Look at shorty ass shakin like the system in my vehicle
Clubbin, 20 deep, buggin, all types of funny freaks

Mouths wide shut, we let our love for the money speak


[Beretta 9]


First platoon strike soon, scud-missile on the whistle
Open season, open fire, Beretta barbed wire

Up in the club with the pistol

This chick bumped into me like, "You Dig', you ain't official"

Indeed, so? Blow out your back, yo

She was like, "Yo, nigro, nigro"

Puffin all that trash, you best to see so (so so)

So I introduced her nightcap, she was like, "I like that"

Later on tonight, you know, I gotta spit that

Flow and a half, blow at her back

I like it rough, and I hope she's rough back

She was like say her name

I was like, "Say mine back"
She was like, "Yo, daddy, daddy, daddy"

I love it like that, Beretta stay givin it

Power-U so good, I just might have to jizz in it

[Chorus 4X]

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