Typhoons Decide

The day is mild and motionless
And everything is fine
Sleepy swells come rolling in
The sea has peace of mind
All this she sees but she can't feel no ease

Inside the house she tries her best
To make it all look nice
But knick-knacks tend, well in the end
To make a thin disguise
The house is large and bleak
And you can't hide typhoons inside
In you typhoons reside

Nice tea-cosies mymble
Shaped and mirrors very small
China kittens, little shells
Maxims in silk and all
Why can't these pretty things give comfort now?

She knows the night is soon to fall
The windows are too tall
The lamps look lost, the sofa seems to
Huddle against the wall
And life is so very large that you may die
The storms decide
Out there typhoons decide

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