P(owerful) C(hoices)

Don't you know? We share the same
It's not a crime to be against this painful process leading to stagnation,
recession, depression, bust
Still no major changes in creating our own fate
it's so small minded - to ignore the real costs of economy & to subsidize the enemy
Don't you see? We're all fed up
You close your eyes and rest
Our general acceptance helps digging our grave
We're lacking of real concern,
So think it over! (and take a look closer...)
Trivial matters to be announced by a commercial ethic of the state
This underlying competitive hinders a reordering
of national and international priorities
For instance: F.N.B. being treat as criminals
Hunted by masses out of all different classes
Or just see how many food we throw away
New solutions - leading to questions!
Powerful choices - no questions ask!
When the facts change - you change your mind!
Leaving us behind with broken pieces of your short-term policy!

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