Direct Action Gets The Goods

Direct action gets the goods,
but all your actions can at best be seen
as a lubricant to the process
And then it's shown how even so-called liberal parties
are jumping on any bandwagon once they become aware
that existing arrangements are crumbling
And this encourages you. this encourages you.
Only a few - only a few - had the means to challenge this well rehearsed system in
forcing change on existing institutions....
Who was in charge then? The media needed ads.
Or the Bretton Woods hoax institutions? We know, what a bad joke:
As the next decade evolves - again none of these players wants to rock the boat
this structures become increasingly cemented -
And this "love affair" reminds you of your student league
the first brown-nosing in your fraternity
So your goals have been thwarted by the rigid market
It must be hard when all your efforts can be seen as rearguard actions
recognizing inevitably of what is already taking place.
direct action gets the goods! direct action gets the goods!

so is it all just theory? more efforts - less wages, another hole-in-one on the green. oh, you might obviously violate the spirit of human rights in favor of politically unhampered market solutions and competition - but thereby ensure you a smooth and comfortable life along the way. at least, this satisfies you. but it kills us.

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