Illustration Of Desperation

This part goes out to people like you who knew that this could come through.
It's so hard to explain the strength of the chain that binds us. We keep this
Inside shining of pride knowing that you're existing. You always denied us,
Tried to divide us into everything.

Lack of communication takes the breath out of me. I'm pleading without seeing
I'm looking for my enemy. I have no patience to see that you're filled with
Greed. The only thing that satisfies you is when I bleed.

This is an illustration of desperation. When you're getting your education from
The fucking TV station. I seem to fade away. I seem to fade away. I want to
Fade away!

This part goes out to those fucking fools who are breaking our hearts into
Pieces. Making up names, setting their aims to talk shit about all releases. I
Want to extend this to some of the people I usually bump into. The running man
Without a band who thinks he's everything just because of a fucking tattoo.

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