Nothin' To Hide

Cryin' doesn't ease the pain
When the fire is gone, when the weak break the strong
There's no danger, when a heart is cold
But if I stay alone, mine will soon turn to stone

I know - girl you're not the only one
Who's looking for someone to hold

The look in your eyes ain't the same anymore
Something has changed deep inside
We both know it's right, what are we waiting for
There's no holding back,
'cause with you I've got nothin' to hide

Sleepin' on a bed of lies
I've been lonely too long,
Now the hurt is all gone
You were waiting for me to come around
How could I be so blind, not to see in your mind

And your heart - you've always been the only one
Believin' in me all along

Girl - (chorus)


Girl - (chorus)

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