The Process Of Suffocation

Music:Mameli, Uterwijk
Lyrics:v. Drunen
Smoke`s penatrating the atmosphere
It comes forth from heavy industry
The layers of air sorrounding us,
Are venomed by large factory chimneys
Environment pollution
Damage unmesurable
Nitrogen concentrations
Drive away the oxygen
Choking in the gas we self produced
The death of mother earth I introduce
Chemical rain drips from the sky
The more we breathe, the sooner we die
Climates change, oceans vaporize
Woods becomes deserts;no vegetation
Species of animals exterminated
The earth makes it's last rotation
The process of suffocation
Coming genocide
Biocircle`s disturbed
Humanity`s suicide
Why give a child it's birth
When we are poisoning our earth
The heritage of this generation
Is a planet threatened with destruction

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