In Offering Of Spite

I relish in the blood that covers me.
As it dries onto my face I smile, wide, with contempt.

I smile, as fate has shown me.
I've seen this all before.

I drag him back.
In that house dwelt a treacherous love.
As I slowly crushed her air away
I could see no more for me.
To suffocate the silence
I ignite the house in flames,
In offering of spite
To whoever is guiding me.

Show me.

All these things I have seen in my death throws.
Years of past rinsed away.
Can it be that through this I have discovered
A way to view things that have not yet become?

What will become

Is my will.

I must not be afraid to view this,
A gift I've stolen from the gods.
To take my veins, and bleed them out,
I will stare death down in his home.

I am forever, these wounds, the fuel me now.

I relish in the blood that covers me.
As it drips onto my face, I smile wide with contempt.
As fate will show me, as fate will warn me.
Near death I will see.

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