Bleed The Meek

After the ageless doom
Mankind resurfaces
And all the lefts that are left
Will right the rights with

Searing through the years
You claim inheritance
You claim that all there is
Is promised for you
There's no one, no there has never been anyone
Who can save you

I commend you pain
All your hopes draining empty

There's no one, no there's never been anyone
Who will save you

I commend your pain
Your numbers are thinning and
All your dreams are coagulating

Full of hate our lasting will punish you hard

And the darkness that surrounds me
I am wolf hear me
On through your sleepless nights
By burns you all will be purified
I am wolf, see me

Hunting through the fields
You faith will not continue
Until you everlasting eyes are scalded

We came with the wind
Survivors of the dust
Sometime our master will beckon us home
But until then
We are to cleanse this land
We are awaiting the awakening hearts
Of doom
Your doom

I can see the enemy advancement
And their numbers are stretched thin

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