Girls To Much

Cause what she likes is to play
Overstays and is an nusicance when she wants
The tube, she is to annoying yet quite the intrigue
She's the one I need the one I want
She can come over when she wants I love her like that
Slide my hand across her skin, she smiles and grins
She appreciates me with her, caress her hair
You know she is satsifed but never gets enough
She spreads and exhibits her love inhibit me to
Lures me to here she is attraction gets anyones attention
She mine, alone,
Persistant, inviting, expect I do the same in return
She follows me around, inquires and asks I be with her I don't deter
Her long legs and overabudant body keeps me staring
Other girls can't match her they always lack this is the on
I would say she is too much.

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