Ready For Blood

Daughters of mara - cast this net into the shallow
Drag the water - personalities so hollow
Underneath the surface - cowards tell their tales of woe
Count your casualties so clever - nothing stays buried forever!

Tell your god to ready for blood words will be your own demise!
Tell your god to ready for blood - loyalty is just a lie!

Drag the water - trust in those that we can see
Daughters of mara - recognize my enemies
Forgive our trespasses - keep our conscious clean
Let me give your last words to the devil - nothing stays buried forever


Time heals everything - except this hatred in my heart!
Friendships that can cease were never true... I'd rather be feared than be loved!

Tell your god to ready for blood - stay the fuck away from us!
Tell your god to ready for blood - tell your god we've had enough!
Learn who is real - recount them at a later date -
Burn hollywood burn, all those that are so fake!

Sleep deprived me of impulsiveness to lie...
Now I send condolences to those that we watched die -
No good deed goes unpunished...
In the end I won't remember words of enemies...
Just the silence of those who claimed to be friends of me!
Desecrated memores became a blessing in disguise -
It took a brutal language to open up my fucking eyes!

Ekleyen: Cindy
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