This isa mantra
For myself
This isa mantra
For someone else
This isa mantra
So be warned...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

He smiles at meso bright it burns me
Tongue twisted sick with words
She'll get what'she deserves
She gotwhat she deserved!
See me
I look at you so deep that she feels me
Girl tricks make you believe
But shesteals me
I will be her disease
Diavolina screams...


Keep me
So safeinside your sins are secret
I watchyou live your life in regret
You'll get whatyou deserve!
You closeyour eyes but you can't dream me
Dirty girl so mean can't clean me
I will be your disease
Diavolina screams...


And i swear
Sacred as this heart ofmine
Strong as the ties which bind us
Heavy as this cross
Which iforeverbare
Eternity will be the hell we share
And what you want i don't care cos it doesn't concern me
This isabout what i need
So bleed as theneedle goes in,i'm creeping under yourskin
Soak you in sickness and scent you in sin
So say you loveher andi'll believe you
But if you can't then you only deceive you
I said i love you and idon't lie... remember that
Next time you kiss me goodbye

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