Let's Ride To Metal Land (The Passage Is R$ 1,00)

There's a land so far away
Where the heavy metal plays
People uses always black
There's no place to any gay

Trees alto-falantes
Volume is aways ten
The pets are elephants
And the drink is leberé

To this land there is no plane
To this land there's only one bus
Get a taxi is no way
Headbangers come with us

Right time and right place
Take care don't be late
Or they'll fechate the gate
To promissed land

Get the bus to the land of the metal [4x]
A passagem é 1 real

Hey, motorista
Pare aí que eu quero entrar
Eu também quero ir
Para a terra do metal

Hey, motorista
Se essa... não virar
Eu também vou chegar
Lá na terra do metal

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