Twisted This

A night mare of avenging souls are released this day
Look around at this evil found and now it's here to stay
Powerless to arrest all the horrors that I see...
Why can't I end this twisted disease

They've come for you, can't give in
They'll entice you stop living

You, twisted this.
You, twisted this.

The sicky sight of rotting flesh spreads the disease
This vision induced by hell, will fell you to your knees
I see you pulsating with fear at this unholy sight
Is there no means to end this twisted fright

Your mind, your very soul, has been seduced now it's too late
This vision that you have witnessed is locked in there is no escape
The design of the mind is bending all the time feeding off your hate
Is there no means to the end this twisted fate

Ekleyen: Bülent
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