Kiss My Sword

Here I come
To unleash your souls
To swallow the forms
To destroy the shells
Bow to me
Kiss the sword
Bow to the Scourge of God

It's not even the matter of taste
I hardly ever drink blood
I feed on hopes and illusions
On what you mortals call life
The murderer - you say
I'd say - the Healer
The murderer - you say
I'd say - the Savior

Who to himself is law, no law does need
Offends no law and is a king indeed

Hear the broken bells chime
Mute war marches in your heart
Dismal psalm of rusty knives
Freezing hymn of emperors
Hymn of emperors to come
Stakes sown by my hand
Red dust under my feet
When the gods sleep
I rule this lousy world

Armless prophets fall
Armed prophets win
Bow to me

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