Die Famous

What will it take for you to notice me
It's like I'm not here
Do you see us can you see us down here
We have a bad habit of lookin over people
But this time I'm gon' die famous and everybody gon' know

[verse 1]
I'm just a skinny nigga tryin to get bigger and grow stronger
In the rush to live plush and can't wait no longer
Sick of seein moms workin comin home back hurtin
Cryin on my shoulder 'cause the jobs workin her over
More time everyday but yet the boss just won't promote her
He's racist she say and assaultin in some way
Go and see him on his off day I let him know
You fuck wit moms no mo' when I draw the 44
When the headlines read
Boys last heart was his mind for greed
And he'll probly get the chair good reason ain't there
Tell the judge my excuses for the crimes i've committed
I was high when I did it
Smoked a pound of jays herb
In the heat of the night
My mind clicked up on some other shit
Something ain't right
Met him in the parking lot
He was comin out his parking spot
Bet nobody see it out there
It stay dark a lot
Went for the handle but the door was locked
At the same time
Cockin the glock kickin the cardoor
Maybe not hold up
Wait a minute
This rap game just got in it
And plus game I play, in due time
The world'll be mine

Chorus: Lil' Zane

Even though I can't show my pain, it's hard to be nameless
Nigga gotta die to be famous
Well If I die famous, hard to explain this
I live a life to die famous

[verse 2]
I'm surrounded by bloods, crips,and drug dealers
It's all love wit us
Just expect to catch slugs nigga
I hang wit cut throat niggas
That'll choke yo niggas
Tie you up and rope yo niggas
For rap or for dope baby
When I was young couldn't picture bein broke baby
Then fuckin wit them dope boys
Had me low crazy
You know it's crucial when I'm sellin to my folk figure
Dope fiends' genes are hereditary
Papa was a rollin stone
And I ain't grown
Left his lil nigga all alone
Now his nigga grown
Genetic game that you passed on
Guess how many niggas ive done blast on
Tryin to get my cash on
Niggas in the system now
Ho's wantin me to hit it
But I'm pissin now
They got me wild
I know it's foul, but respect my life style
It isn't fair, before I'm legal I'll be a millionaire

Chorus 2X's

[verse 3]
Woke up this morning I saw the news flash, special report
The judge gave a nigga life 'cause the boy shot up the court
Witness we die for niggas
Pullin triggas for a livin
And we takin any and everything that we wasn't given
'cause hard times, keep a nigga keep writin hard rhymes
Stash 9's never been a nigga scared to squeeze mines
Freeze time, when I stop your heart
'cause the slugs that i'm spittin they just pop like a dart
I die famous, you be the nigga I shot
But still nameless, 'cause they can't figure the plot
My crew stainless, when we inhalin the pot
And ain't nobody gettin bigger than the niggas we got
We worldwide, but we ride for a nation of thugs
We burnin heaters if you cheat us
Dudes workin the slugs
And get the sex baby 'cause I'm addicted to fame
You make me bust just by screamin my name
And when I die I die famous

Chorus 6x
(i know a lot of times)
(we go unnoticed)
(they act like they don't love us)
(but I love you that's all that counts)
(we love you that's all that counts)
(it's hard to explain why we die famous)
(but we do it baby)
(boy we gotta get noticed)
(we go to school but you don't see that)
(we live but you don't see that)
(this is how we know)
(this is you'll see)

Young world baby
We tired of goin unnamed
We tired of goin unnoticed
We've lived in the ghetto for years now
We movin to the hills nigga
Bringin wood to the hood
Y'all know what it is
Young world
I put my life on the line for y'all
I love y'all
It don't matter how hard it get
No matter how hard you try
You keep tryin nigga
Nigga the world is yours

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