Primum Movens

My love! my God! I bow before the one.
Of the beasts that foul this land we share no stock!
For the father blessed be, who formed all that is,
we stand before this cast and bow only to you!

Authority – proud fool!
Lucifer – My pharisee!
Authority – Dissenter!
Lucifer -This heresy!
Authority – I, sovereign!
Lucifer – my majesty!
Authority – Condemn you!

I shall crack the cradle born,
before I'll yield to this first son,
thou formed me in fire, thou formed him in clay!
I cannot revere, this noble form. In glory I submit,
my heart is held in exaltation

[The authority:]
Then the cast is set my child of fire,
to know thine place is paramount.
This seat of power knows only one,
apostate, heretic son!

Strands of twine bind our kith,
below him ordained, bound in chastity.
Your house is split my liege, my love,
what shall we sew? what have we sewn?
Take up arms! amorphous host!
For this is the eve of our disgrace!

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