Armoury Choir

Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done!
Our quality, in majesty.
Our words we weave engorged with zeal,
enraptured in this bloody feud!
We charge this fool with avarice,
the damned will find no shelter here,!
Sanctum bound in rhetoric
our breath resigned, this commencement!
The choral song will play out,
bound by this incumbent !

Hewn in storms, infallible,
our ears are turned to Gabriel.
One hundred strong his wings unfurl,
we hear the call of Michael!

Messenger of the burning word,
Authority, the glorious,
who is lord of the host,
we grovel low and bow in turn.

The trisagion, the holy thrice,
uttered by the seraphim,
These words our opium,
we shed each tear in reverence.
Fallen foe, in treachery,
bind him below in punishment!

Our Lord, thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
servants born of deathless tongue,
cut from your sacred cloth,
authority, oh merciful,
we understand this sacrament

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