Iguanas In The Midst

f/ Advocates, 1/2 Breed, Soul Snatchas

[Chorus: Knowdaverbs]

We're Iguanas in the midst just, just about the Father's business

From the ashes into the trenches

We move from plateau to the next

From the P.H.O.E.N.I.X

[Verse 1 & 2: Soul Snatchas]

Yo! Seven X-Sinner Iguanas in the midst flesh issues

And set this spiritual death wish. Forget this

One of us goin' die

Resist the devil he flees, God draws nigh

I'm ready for war official nasty shut em down

Flesh no more, Christ. Sunrise, sundown

What now? I move with a swiftness

Leavin Satan giftless like Muslim on Christmas, forget this

In the distance you can barely see the glare from the iguanas

Phlipsyde-the word tech the wrong move you're a gonna

You can check my persona, reptiles from Arizona

Peep the word on my tongue hoe it snatches-creeps up on ya

We in your midst, you one of this, spiritual bliss (?)

Bangin' with this, it's Jesus Christ till I R.I.P

It's only right, I gotta fight

You meet me by the seventh trench, seven p.m. at night

[Verse 3: 1/2 Breed]

Evil's been around since at first days begun

I can't change the style of life but I can change the life of some

You can receive my words maybe or maybe not

It's getting dark and hell is hot

You took the words right out of my thoughts

Where I'm at hot breezes blow freely Phoenix is where I chill

Rock this beat wet and send Hot back to Nashville

To my boy Knowdaverbs whose style will make you holler

Together with Holy intellect that's why we known as scholars


[Verse 4 & 5: Advocates]

Iguanas in the midst with Jesus Christ we represent

Advocates and Knowdaverbs the Factors of the Seven

Keep it tight, bring light, and shine on anointed tracks

Take it to the world, come again and bring it back

To a time of life when I was dwellin' in the midst

I had to seek the kingdom and execute the Devil's tricks

I'm never lookin' back but all the while feelin' lonely like

a king to his throne

Lord father take me home

In a darker realm I slept for days I wept

for my Lord to open my gates and my soul he kept

'Cause I was null and void in the pathway of righteous

Screamin' sinners prayers hopin' one steady might just

Live true my inner spirit nearly dead

Spirit food consistency nearly water and bread

then a turnaround B thunderbolts did deliver

grains of sand in my life turned into a roaring river


[Verse 6: Knowdaverbs]

Temporarily Nashvillian, Permanently Phoenician

Staying prepared to move inside and out of season

Hailing from the dust off of 43rd and Thomas

shipped in shape like a rhombus. Choke the curse and pulled the promise

But Yo! There came a time where I finally recognized

that what God wanted to do that an enemy despised

And as long as he could keep me from a true experience and never ready

He could either steal, kill, or behead me

Tried to hit me with his best shot but not

Somehow avoided being stopped so begun like a Gloc

To be about my Daddy's beeswax, rode the land on camelbacks

I-I had to double check, minimize me so he could max-

imize the plan, like a lamp take a stand

as I study God's hand as it combs through the sand

And recognize his voice when he speaks in the wilderness

Trekking through the dunes not to deviate off the Syllabus

With my ears open widely slow to speak swift to listen

Had to rid me of myself and not to messy up the mission

The temperature raisin' in the arid zone

to disintegrate the trash that wasn't in its purest form

When in the midst continue praisin' as his prescence seems nearer

Six Iguanas in the flesh exalting the seventh figure

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