Man Vs. Nature

On the television, a ship was sinking
it seemed so real, but it was just a movie
made by Irwin Allen (my, what a relief)
and on this ship was Ernest Borgnine,
brave in the face of certain death
he played a cop on a pleasure cruise
along with his wife, an ex-prostitute
Shelley Winters, she was on the ship
she was good, too- but she died
as did Gene Hackman, a preacher,
who gave his life so that others could live
he died shouting "how many more lives?!"

On the screen, the city crumbled
so realistic, but but yet another film
by the master of realism, mr. Irwin Allen
no less a man than Lorne Green, and mr. George Kennedy,
risked their lives to save the lives of strangers
their selflessness was moving
Chuck Heston was in the movie too- but he was just a ham.

On the tv, a building in flames
it was "Towering Inferno" by Irwin Allen
O.J. Simpson led the cast
in a man-against-nature fight-for-survival
it was awesome!
yeah, man, it blew me away.

"Man Vs. Nature"
_12 Point Buck

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