Blue Shoes

These blue shoes seem to suit me well
When I feel like hell
As I do now that you're gone
Lost and lonely since you stopped carinI've been wearing my new shoes
I've been wearing my blue shoes

You and I made the perfect pair
It don't seem fair
I loved you more than you know
Sorry I'm in such a sorry state
But while I wait for some good news
I'll be wearing my blue shoes

Don't feel like walking strong
Shufflin' along on my way home
Trudgin' down that shopping street
Where we used to meet
But I ain't buying
I'm wearing my blue shoes and crying

These blue shoes seem to suit my soul
Since you shot that hole
Shot that hole in my heart
And if I wind up on the sidewalk bleeding
I won't be needing my new shoes
Won't be needing my blue shoes

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