Dance On Blood

You turn around and find me
in your night, laying fire
It's over now
We're real, just kneel
and you won't last long
I'm preying on the shame of your past
Give me all your trust

Wait! You'll never
break your seven
Why don't you just stay forever
Embrace your seven
Wait to sever
I just want to make you better

You are to tell me I must go
I can tell you want more
You never were real
Won't you kneel down
Come to me now

You've known a
special way of living
I want you so bad
I will never
We will never
call you out
on your crimes.

Follow me, you can
Hollowed lives, I know
Fall to me, you can
All your lies, I love

You have arisen
We have a reason
Time to get out
Won't you get out

We call for blood
We want your life
Won't you give up
We want your sun
Eternal night
Won't you give up

We have a reason
You have arisen
Time to get out
Won't you get out.

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