Spinnin' Around

You keep me spinnin' around
(round, round, round, round, round, round, round)
here we go

i was thinkin 'bout it yesterday, i was thinkin about tomorrow
in a dizzy kinda sorta way, like vertigo
i was tryin hard to figure out, but it's driven me crazy, well you'd think i know by now

A is last (oh yeah) Z is first
livin life in reverse, yes that's the way it works

spinnin around, i've got this funny feeling,turnin my whole world upsidedown
i'll keep my heart, my eyes on you, cuz you keep me spinnin around

what we're doin doesnt have a sequel, don't wanna lose your balance
oh, you know you gotta keep your equilibrium
going back to the forward, all these definite maybes
its like runnin around in circles

make it last (oh yeah) take it slow
just forget what you know, yes that's the way it goes

(repeat chorus)

every now and then i feel your peacefullness surround me
then once again it all goes up and down and over under round and around

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