Begging for Grace (Dragonfly Wings)

I was locked up in a crazy place
They found me on the streets beggin' for grace
I don't remember but they say I lost my mind
She was in the garden after the rain in a white robe
We were dressed the same
She took my hand and said my eyes looked kind
Then she said that,

"You must be the boy she sent me from the other side
Well, I've been waiting for the longest time
And you can tell her it's been a crazy ride"

Tell her I think I've learned the lessons she sent me to learn
Tell her I think I know what I wanna be should I return
I wanna be blues, I wanna be greens
I wanna be flyin' on dragonfly wings

Sittin' on the banks where the river twists
Showin' me the marks up and down her wrists
She told me there was sacred writing in the lines
She said the language was from a long time ago
And she could find out all she wants to know
If she could just decipher th

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