Beau's All Night Radio Love Line

Tangled in the sheets of a motel bed.
Samantha paints her toenails cherry red.
And she asks me if she can paint mine too, and I say
"Samantha, anything for you."

And through the tinny speakers of an ancient radio
the All Night Love Line begins another show.
And the callers call in, but the thing that's so strange,
it's all the same story, just the voices that change on

Beau's All Night Radio Love Line,
the show for hearts in despair.
If you got somethin' to say to a love that got away,
Beau wants to put you on the air.

The shadows from the headlights of a passing car
turn Samantha's smile into film noir,
and she says, "Don't get me wrong about you and me,
I just can't figure out what we're supposed to be.

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