Let It Slip Away

I like to party with my peeps, cruzins' great, Playing 3 car monty on these crazy streets. Strait hustler, Pull a scam in a minute. So low to the flo' pick a pocket in a midget. Slick shister, the pest myster. Live life in Miami's best. Sma see nobody messes with the frog see, what's everybody sayin' now. Na na na na na na na na na na na na. Ah nice lady i'm hurting im hurting,i'm sexy but i'm hurting. Alright already. I'm a dicka ica lis, like a booger i stick to this. Take a wiff of this. I'm stinky dinky ha ha ha. 2 stinky dinky ha ha....ewwww! Voodoo mambo, chili congo. Old school bighead latin freak and a hustler. (voodoo mambo chili congo). I'm an old school big head latin freak and you don't quit and you don't stop. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the slickest of them all. (It's the skeemingest keeningest scam artist)God it's so hard to be modest. Jack mommy's nipple my momma said simple that Jack stole that wick from his candle stick. I'm in the mood to scam, simply because I can. I'm Alladin, Houdini disapear in a flash with your cash and be back like a geni. Ah ah ah Lucy i'm home Donde lero s. Strait to the east, strait to the west, strait to the woman with the big chest. Is this your land, it's like that. Why certainly naw naw naw. Get stupid get retarded cuz pest will get the party started. Which way did he go George, which way did he go? To the ferosious a revilosious outrosious. Oh what a maroon, what a freak, what a suckerbutt. I'm a man of a million disguises, I'm as crazy as the milk in a shake. Livin' my life so scientific, hate to be specifiic E=MC. Come prepared! (Jibberish)

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