[Joe] Nick... beat.
[Nick] Nah.
[Joe] Beat... I need a beat to rap with. Come on.
[Radio interviewer] At least he was nice about it: "Nick, beat, now! Do it!"
[Nick beat boxes a little] See, I can't do a beat. That was bad.
[Joe] Fine, I'll do it myself

Listen to me
I got two feet
Walkin' down the street
With my degree
Degree like 10
10 degrees
Freezin' outside
Need a jacket
Where can I go?
Gotta go to the store
And buy me a jacket
Gotta buy a nice medium jacket
Cause small is too small
But large is too large
Go to the car
Drive to... *sigh*
[Joe] Uhh... yeah that's...
[Everyone cheers]

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