(Ain't That A) Kick In The Head

How lucky can one guy be, I kissed her and she kissed me, like the fella once said, ain't that a kick in the head. I bob and weave keep an ace up my sleeve Somebody open up a window in this joint, I can't breath Got a permanent bar stool down at the Can't Care Lounge Honey here's the chips, Lay em down I get drownded in the beautiful sounds that the cash register makes When I get my take it's like dinner at the White House with good booze and plates of potatoes and steaks Never punch a guy with a nice wrist watch on Honey let's take a ride in my Cadillac And put the sex back in the car where it belongsLook at chump change over hear. Only puttin a hundred down on the bout, I'll put a thousand down, now lets go ta town or will that tap you out I get scared I might get picked up for vagrancy Make a move kid I get sick of your habbadashery. I got girls at the hotel upstairs Waiting for me My first name's Jimmy My last name's Luxury I'm lucky as a rummy Getting locked in a distillery I got a slot machine arm, a hundred proof wink And a million dollar smile full of charm.

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